Business Law

Small businesses provide their own distinct challenges. As a small business ourselves, Gerten and Van Valkenburg, PA, is in an excellent position to provide you with our expertise and knowledge so that your small business is able to flourish. We have been in business since 1959, and in that time we have worked effectively to help our clients start their own businesses, and, perhaps most importantly, stay in business. During these difficult economic times, it is in your best interest to have an experienced, knowledgeable law firm in your corner.

We offer a full-service small business law practice for our clients. We listen to our clients to determine the best type of business formation, be it a partnership, corporation or limited liability company [LLC]. Each type of formation has its particular advantages and drawbacks, and by working closely with our clients, we are able to guide them to the one that best suits their individual and particular needs.

Business formation is only one of our services. We can also help our clients if they are purchasing a building, or work with them on crafting or reviewing a lease agreement. We draft and review purchase agreements, as well as other documents related to commercial real estate transactions. Sometimes a buy/sell agreement needs to be prepared or reviewed, and we can help with either.

At Gerten and Van Valkenburg, PA, we work with our clients by providing services throughout their years of operation. Since we started as our own small business in 1959, we have been confronted with many of the same small business issues our clients face. Our perspective gives us a wealth of experience since we often know our clients’ situations from having dealt with them ourselves. We work on problems large and small, such as landlord / tenant matters, contract issues and even business dissolution issues.

Although we do business throughout the Twin Cities area, our location in Little Canada offers our clients the feel of a small town firm. We are able to focus on our clients and offer them the direct communication and the one-on-one meetings they deserve. The most important part of the success of a small business is making sure your client feels well-served; we take that into account every day at Gerten and Van Valkenburg, PA. Contact us today so that we can help your small business start out or stay on the right path.