Real Estate Law

Whether you are entering into a commercial or residential real estate transaction, a knowledgeable attorney protecting your interests is a must. At Gerten and Van Valkenburg, PA, we have many years of experience in residential and commercial transactions. Our attorneys are skilled with lease issues, and we review and prepare purchase agreements. We can help with real estate transactions, as well as handle issues such as mechanic liens and unlawful detainer actions for either landlord or tenants.

As are a small business ourselves, we understand the intricacies of landlord/tenant matters from all perspectives. We are experienced in eviction services and unlawful detainer actions. Landlord and tenant disputes are often emotionally charged, and we are ready to work on your behalf to ease the tension and advise you in your particular situation.

At Gerten and Van Valkenburg, PA, we have worked with parties on both sides of real estate closings, and can bring our experience to bear on your transaction, ensuring that your needs are being met and your rights are preserved. Our knowledge of our community, and of the Twin Cities area in general, make us an excellent choice for your real estate needs. Contact us in order to safeguard your real estate interests.