Elder Law

There are special needs and challenges that come with age. At Gerten and Van Valkenburg, PA, our elder law attorneys are up-to-date on the latest legal issues that face senior citizens and their families.

We work on a variety of issues that concern seniors, including estate planning, tax planning, and business succession planning. We look to asset protection strategies and gifting strategies to ensure that the wishes of our clients are met.

Our clients also come to us for long-term care planning, an area that raises many issues. We look at medical assistance planning in order to maximize the benefits that our clients receive.

If nursing home care is a possibility in the future, we can help you plan in advance so that the care is affordable and you can still protect the financial stability of the spouse at home. If nursing home care is an immediate need, we can help your family by advising you on what steps you can take now that you are in this position. While there are fewer options available, there are options and you can trust us to help you with during this stressful time.

We also work on guardianship and conservatorship issues for vulnerable seniors and disabled adults. Senior citizens are a vulnerable group. They are often the targets of physical abusers and the victims of financial exploitation. Whether it is a caregiver who physically harms or neglects a senior; unethical people selling an unneeded product; a charitable institution pressing for donations; or a care provider who misuses a senior’s funds, we are available to provide assistance to achieve the protection of your loved one. For those seniors who have suffered, we can act quickly to put an end to the situation, possibly through a conservatorship or guardianship. We may even be able to obtain the return of the money.

If you find yourself in need of immediate assistance on an elder law issue or are simply interested in making long-term plans so that you have peace of mind, contact one of our attorneys at Gerten and Van Valkenburg, PA, so that we can begin putting things right. We are compassionate, caring and determined to protect seniors.